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What does a Mercury vehicle mean to you? In its heyday, the Mercury brand stood side-by-side that of Cadillac and Lexus. Now, sadly no longer in business, that doesn't mean you can't snag a beautiful piece of history with a Mercury model!

Mercury ended vehicle production back in 2010. However, the brand still lives on through previous models. Discontinued models are a rarity, and yet Mercury still maintains popularity as a discontinued brand. With such a prominence in the market, many drivers might not be aware that Mercury vehicles aren't still being made today!

So, what Mercury models might you find for sale? Throughout its most recent years, Mercury produced many models that have stood the test of time to become staples of the automotive market. That includes the Mercury Sable and the Mercury Milan sedans, the Mercury Grand Marquis luxury sedan, and the Mercury Mariner and the Mercury Mountaineer SUVs to name a few.

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